Anxiety Treatment Center

Anxiety is a fear of unknown, uneasiness, worrying on things that do not exist and things that you don’t have control. If your anxiety is not controlled it can lead to a panic attack that can manifest a feeling of chest pain, shortness of breath or a feeling your body is shutting down on you, Abusing drugs and alcohol is one of the reasons that can make it worse. Anxiety is one of the biggest factor people do not want to get off of alcohol and drug addiction.  When detoxing from alcohol and drugs our team at Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center has a team of experienced physicians who help optimize your treatment.  Special emphasis on dealing with anxiety so the detox process can be successful and then later use other methods to help.

At Bella Nirvana Center Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center we help you and teach you how to cope with anxiety by using the following tools:

  • Medication treatment: At some point, if the psychiatrist prescribes a medication we ensure that alleviate of their condition.
  • Individual Therapy: Anxiety issues are resolved by assigning a primary therapist to every patient at the center to talk about their anxiety issues. The therapist speaks with all patients on a daily basis to analyze their progress.
  • Group Therapy: Speaking with a group of peers with similar issues is very helpful for those suffering from anxiety.
  • Hygiene


Relapse Prevention

Anger management

By going thru this process the client will have a better understanding of the root causes of there anxiety and what can be done at the individual levels. We provide the tools for our clients  to overcome their daily challenges on their own and help them succeed at every stage of life. At Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center we take time to help you take control of your anxiety and help you achieve a better and fuller life.