Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Making the decision to find treatment for cocaine addiction is the first step toward recovery. It’s also the most important step. Bella Nirvana center offers cocaine addiction treatment that includes detox program along with behavioral treatments and rehabilitation that helps the patients to recover better and quicker. Cocaine abuse results into severe depression and psychological dependence that requires specialized treatment. And thus, detox program alone cannot help the patient towards sobriety.

We start our treatment by evaluation in order to decide and customize the cocaine addiction treatment and the duration of the same. Such an valuation helps ticking the level of care which is required for the patient at every hour. And thus, this process depends on major factors like:

  • How severe the addiction is
  • What was the living environment of the patient
  • If the patient had a co-occurring disorder
  • If the patient enrolled in rehab before          

Rehabilitation for Cocaine treatment at Bella Nirvana center

The addiction treatment generally varies from 30 to 90 days, but solely depends on how severe the condition of the patient is. We help in constructing the environment that motivates the patient with better recovery mode.

Our rehab program includes many processes like:

    • Mental and psychological Counseling by the expert counselor
    • Equine Therapies
    • Therapy with art and culture
    • Support groups
    • Cognitive behavioral therapies
    • Relapse prevention program
    • Aftercare planning/care 

We do not want our patient to be dependent on our therapies for long. And thus, we conclude our treatment where patients can treat their life with utmost respect and can enjoy taking decisions of their life for a better tomorrow. We want them to take charge and complete control of their life. Because cocaine can affect the psychological reasoning power of the patient and make them feel helpless.