Drug Addiction With Medical Management

Working towards a sober life from drug addiction requires medical management as well. When a patient is trying to quit the abuse, they suffer from various withdrawal symptoms which increase the urge of consuming it more.

And thus, there are several addiction medical treatment which are prescribed according to th condition of the patient. The medical management at Bella Nirvana Center is monitored by the professional and expert team of doctors and nurses who are committed to patients round the clock. The dosage of the medication is adjusted with course of time depending on how close the patient is towards sobriety.


At the initial stage of detoxification, the process is supported by medical management incldung supervision of physicians and nurses, along with medication program and cycle to control the urge of drugs in the body. The medical management fights with the symptoms of withdrawal at the time of detoxification which may include: Depression, Nausea, sweating, body pain and muscle aching.

For each system, different medication is used to fight the symptom and walk the patient towards a better lifestyle. Some of the commonly used medications are:

  • Benzodiazepines: To fight anxiety
  • Antidepressants: To fight the depression
  • Clonidine: To fight the withdrawals of alcohol and opiate

It is vital for the patients to understand that they happily let the drugs take over their life. Not only it is dangerous to your life but the withdrawal symptoms of the same can actually increase the suicidal aggression in you. Just think about the losses and pain you are inviting in your life? And why only your life! Your family is affected and destroyed too.

You still have time to build a better future for you and your family; so let’s work on the same together with Bella Nirvana Center!