Drug Addiction with Mental Health

People suffering from substance abuse always share a deep link and dangerous string with mental health as well. However, vice-versa might not be true. Mental health issues are common co-occurring conditions when a patient is trying to fight their addiction.

Mental health issues and drug/alcohol abuse share unique symptoms but it surely affects the functionality of a stable life. Mental health issues can be a major cause of serious disorders when a patient is suffering from substance abuse which increases the life risk. And thus it is important to treat health issues so that your addiction does not lead to worse situation.

At Bella Nirvana center, we prescribe treatment and programs that helps us in understanding where the patient lies in terms of their mental health as well as the content of drug in their body. We do not leave our patients alone, because at this point, they need medical as well as psychological help from the experts.

Some of the facts stated by Journals in UK are:

  • Half of the population that shares severe mental health conditions is dangerously affected by the substance abuse
  • 37 out of 100 people with alcohol addiction shares one serious mental health problem
  • 53 out of 100 people with drug addiction shares at least one severe health issue
  • 29 out of 100 people who are diagnosed and quotes as mentally ill either share alcohol or drug abuse.

So if you fall in the same category, it is time for you to register at Bella Nirvana center for a better life. Everyone deserves a life full of opportunities and happiness. And this will be your first successful step towards the same journey. You are not alone! We are there for you to help you grab those special moments back in your life.