Fentanyl Detox Program

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid known for its potency, more potent than morphine and heroin. Until and unless you want to ease the pain from some major surgery, fentanyl will bring little good to your body or mind. As a matter of fact, fentanyl is prescribed for a short period at a very small dosage to avoid any kind of dependency. Majority of overdose death is related to fentanyl overdose. It is easily produced and now drug dealer/producers are mixing it with other drugs to make fast money, not caring for human life, sadly.

It controls both your body and mind!

Opioids like fentanyl can control not only your body but your entire nervous system as well. It might seem normal initially and it is barely felt in the body. But after hours of the last dosage, the withdrawal symptoms are very severe and result in extreme behaviours. Before your family suffers the consequences, it’s time for you to enroll into the fentanyl detox program at the Bella Nirvana Center.

What to expect from the program?

The addiction recovery process is dependent on the stage of addiction. Detoxification is the initial stage that is focused on removing fentanyl from your body. A safer substitute medication is administered by a licensed medical professional and the patients are counseled and observed by the physician at all times.

Patients are closely monitored and supervised in a safe and secure setting with the assistance of 24/7 trained personnel. The fentanyl detox program at the Bella Nirvana Center aims to care for its patients with compassion and aid in their recovery towards a drug free normalcy. The physical and emotional well being is also addressed.

To treat our patients with empathy and to reunite them with their inner well being globally, towards a body, mind and spirit free of intoxication is our primary goal of care. Because let’s face it: It’s not you the patient alone undergoing a mental and physical challenge, but your family/support system/caregivers is affected equally if not more. Your struggle can be equally traumatizing for them and they perhaps spend sleepless nights on your account.

At the Bella Nirvana Center, we help bring this transformation both within and outside you, by designing a program that is suited and tailored to your own unique individual needs. The physical and mental dependency in addition to the accompanying nutritional needs are addressed by our board certified physician who has the requisite training and experience and in substance abuse rehabilitation along with a boarded and licensed Psychologist. Healing is also promoted by participating in yoga and wellness lessons offered by our trained holistic healing fitness expert.

Bella Nirvana center is not just a place for rehabilitation but a solution to get liberated of your compulsions and guide you on the path of health and wellness. So, hand over your dark dependency to us so that we can walk with you on your journey.