Holistic Medicine/Nephropathy

The optimal cure to any disorder or substance abuse is realized only when body, mind, emotions and spirit shares the same wavelength and healed completely. Such an approach is known as Holistic medicine. In order to understand this approach, it is important to learn about the philosophy of holistic medicine which states that the healing is successful only when a person is able to achieve proper balance in their life: that is the primary goal of this practice.


At Bella Nirvana center, we use this approach for the patients under substance abuse and inspire them towards a sober life. We believe that every person is made of certain parts and each part is interlinked with each other. When a person is suffering from an abuse or any disorder, that happens because nonfunctioning of one part is affecting the whole YOU! And that’s how people react to imbalance equations of their physical presence, emotional being and spiritual essence which affect their overall health and being.

The holistic doctors at Bella Nirvana center is open to visualize and use all forms of healing techniques including conventional medicine to spiritual affiliation and therapies. For an instance, if a patient is a severe alcohol abuse, the doctor will prescribe the medication along with the deep understanding of how patient started consuming the alcohol at the first place and work on the same.

The holistic doctor will work on each potential factor that affects the patient on physical healh as well as their emotional breakdown habits. It requires round the clock supervision and thus, doctors at Bella nirvana center are available 24 hours to understand the whole and sole purpose of the person that caused them such an abuse and work on each factor individually. Such a process requires patience but the results are incredible.