Hypertension, it is not a condition to be ignored by people who abuse drugs and alcohol have a higher chance of contracting high blood pressure problem. These things are more common due to unwanted fluid retention and erratic behavior.  At Bella Nirvana Center Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, we don’t just help you detox safely but we will also help with your medical issue due to drugs and alcohol abuse. We will help you understand your condition and treat so a balance can return. It must be taken seriously because every day that you procrastinate to seek help will just make it worse. As well as developing anxiety and depression because of too much damage that been done to the brain because of drugs and alcohol abuse. This is your life we are talking about, and thus you must treat hypertension condition with utmost care and attention. We promote lifestyle changes, low salt diet and exercise daily. We are here at Bella Nirvana Center Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center to help you and guide you to return to your normal life.