Liver Disease Treatment

Alcohol is the major culprit in causing liver disease. 35 percent or more develop alcohol-induced alcoholic hepatitis and more than 10 percent proceed to develop cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol-related Liver Cirrhosis is very serious form of alcohol-related liver disease. The damage from alcohol-related cirrhosis is not reversible and can cause fatal liver failure. Frequent labs are checked to stabilize liver damage. Here at Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center We make sure that medication you were taking his optimize and is not hurting her liver any further.  There are some modern and naturopathic medicine available which can be given to help heal and prevent further damage.  We provide a low-fat diet and detox medications during the process.

Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center is not just a place for rehabilitation but a solution to get liberated of your compulsions and guide you on the path of health and wellness. So, hand over your dark dependency to us so that we can walk with you on your journey of drug-free life.