Marijuana Detox Program

It all starts with a first drag, isn’t it? But now when you are addicted to the same, you can be asking this question to yourself, “Why doesn’t it hit the same way it used before?” If you think that this is the exact thought in your mind right now, face the reality because you are addicted to Marijuana. Now when you have stopped focusing on what is important in your life, you might be brainstorming about Marijuana and what it can do to you.

It’s time for you to consider Marijuana abuse seriously! You need some serious help with your substance abuse. You are doing nothing good with your schedule and life as of now, but you can change all of that by being part of Marijuana detox program.


The active ingredient in Marijuana which is TCH kicks the receptors in your brain which leads to a chemical reaction which helps you relax. Your brain is generally fighting with this process of manipulation and thus, tried to shut down these receptors.

The initial stage of detox helps in analyzing the dosage of TCH in your body. The stabilizing process is then customized as per the patient’s condition followed by the relapse prevention. Your brain which gets altered because of Marijuana is treated at optimal level to control the deep craving. Initially, the withdrawal symptoms can affect your sleeping patterns along with your level of focus at work and in life. It might seem difficult to ignore Marijuana, but that is a known high risk of Marijuana abuse.

At Bella Nirvana Center, pateints are diagnosed and helped around the clock by the expert and experienced doctors, physicians, counselors and nurses to avoid the relapse moment. As a matter of fact, intervention with families and friends also play a major role in the detox program.

We understand the risk of tolerance which might lead for patients to consume more dosage, but who said that this path will be easy. But this path is the only ideal solution for the sober life ahead. Hoarding the drug is what you might dream of every single day, but we focus on getting the patient high of the prosperity of life and sobriety. Because no drug is more important than your own life!