Methamphetamine Detox Program


Like opiate is a national crisis, Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth is another National Crisis. It is a central nervous stimulant that causes the release and blocks the reuptake of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. It is the fastest rising drug of abuse worldwide and the second most widely used class of illicit drugs worldwide.

Meth is most often smoked or snorted and less commonly injected or ingested. It causes a sense of euphoria and a feeling of well-being that can last for hours. Users generally feel happy, alert and don’t feel the need to eat. However, when the effects fade away, dopamine levels are significantly diminished and users often feel depressed, anxious and tired. Prolonged abuse can lead to feelings of paranoia and psychotic features, as well as an inability to feel pleasure without the drug. Developing dependence is quick and many users state they felt addicted after their very first use.

Not only are there multiple comorbid psychiatric disorders associated with meth; but it is also associated with increased risk of early mortality. Cardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death among methamphetamine users. Stroke and risky sexual behaviors are also common consequences of methamphetamine use.

Methamphetamines are extremely dangerous and a devastating addiction for the addict and the people close to them.

At the Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, we help bring this transformation both inside and outside you, by designing a program that is tailored to your own unique individual needs. The physical and mental dependency in addition to the accompanying nutritional needs are addressed by our board-certified physicians. Healing is also promoted by participating in yoga and wellness lessons are offered by our trained holistic healing fitness expert.

Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center is not just a place for rehabilitation but a solution to get liberated of your compulsions and guide you on the path of health and wellness. So, hand over your dark dependency to us so that we can walk with you on your journey of drug-free life.