Methamphetamine Detox Withdrawal

People who have experienced full blown addiction of Meth, even when try to quit are so scared of the withdrawal symptoms that they drop the whole idea of following a detox program. But does it really help them? Considering the fact that Meth abuse can cause damage to your body and brain, do you still wish to continue because you will not only be upsetting only yourself but your families too?

At-home detox withdrawal: Good or bad?

Many patients wish to initiate the detox program at home as they are not confortable initially to even accept the substance abuse. And thus, it will be an agonizing process if you do that alone or without a supervision of the experts. But, under supervision of Bella Nirvana Center, you will be avoiding major medical complications as well as risk of your life.

However, you might feel more comfortable following detox withdrawal program at your home, but that also invites high risk of relapse.

Experts like physicians, nurses, counselors are available around-the-clock for the patients that monitor the performance and aggression very closely. With the option of customized detox program, patients undergo relapse prevention program as well in order to say a final goodbye to meth.


Stages of Meth detox program:


Initially, the amount of drug in your body is evaluated. The same is done by urine test that helps in understanding what type of detox program needs to be followed as per the specific need. Patients will be asked many question related to how and when was meth consumed in order to evaluate the long term recovery program.


If the patient is experience peak withdrawal symptoms, they are immediately admitted and treated with urgent medication. This is a very peak stage where patients need intense care as they get aggressive very quickly.

Transition for further progress

Detox is just the initial stage which must be followed by further treatment in rehab that helps in relapse prevention. At Bella Nirvana Center, we help our patients with entire process and once the detox process is successful, transition of the patient is easily taken place.

So what else to wait for? Register for detox program at Bella Nirvana Center and watch your life taking turns to a better journey!