Nitrous oxide Addiction Treatment

It might come as a shock for everyone, but Nitrous oxide has been used as a staple in major hospitals in order to calm the patient down. Patients are bound to feel horrified before any major surgery or medical procedure, and that’s it where Nitrous oxide is used. Nitrous oxide, well, has its own perks but the cloud fades away when a patient actually gets high on this ‘laughing gas’. Many doctors and medical researchers have been warning patients over the dosage of Nitrous oxide.

The facts in the Neurology journals state that the addiction/abuse of Nitrous oxide was identified since its synthesis from 1772. However, this substance was a major part of the medical practices back then, but the substance abuse can ignored back then. But the widespread usage of this ‘laughing gas’ is not resulting into dangerous symptoms that can bring suicidal aggression in the patient’s pattern.


There are various negative impacts of this addiction, such as:

  • Lack of Inhibition
  • Unconsciousness
  • Lack of motor functions
  • Feeling Dizzy every now and then
  • Irregular functionality of body and brain

And that’s where, patients need a rehab center to control such withdrawal symptoms. Bella Nirvana center offers professional medical care and help which include inpatient rehabilitation program and treatments. You get connected to expert facilities at the center where we focus on helping you getting rid of this abuse completely. The combination of methods like support therapies, behavioral counseling, medication, interventions helps patient to relive their life with complete sobriety.

Unfortunately, the count of patients with Nitrous Oxide abuse is increasing day by day which includes major number of young people being victimized of the same. For young people, it all starts with just some fun activity to play around at schools and campuses without even realizing how dangerous it becomes when it turns into an abuse.

We, at Bella Nirvana center understand how deadly it can become and thus we address every patient with good medical care in order for them to address this situation seriously. We educate not only the patient but friends and families too, so that they can help others who might be just sniffing this substance as a fun thing to do at a party. It all starts with fun, but what we do not realize is how deadly it can result into!