Renal Failure Treatment

The fact is not hidden with the world that chronic drug abuse and alcohol abuse can cause severe damage to the kidneys,  and it can lead to kidney failure as well. When a patient is under substance abuse, their treatment is initiated with detoxification. Kidneys major function is to create urine which includes toxins and excess fluids from the body. Most drugs are generally excreted through the kidneys, Alcohol and drug abuse can make a huge impact on the kidneys. At Bella Nirvana center, we help our patients to understand how drugs can affect their kidneys and what it can lead to if they do not stop now! Kidney failure can lead to multiorgan failure.

Bella Nirvana center is home to many individuals suffering from renal/kidney failure and we help them in the entire process of treatment. They need round the clock care where our expert physicians and nurses take care of each movement of our patient. So if you are on the initial stage of renal failure, it is the right time for you to register at Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, and welcome your life with a big hug. And if you are already on the urge of kidney failure, it is not too late: let us help you with the care that you need and deserve.

At Bella Nirvana Center we make sure that you are taking care not just your addiction as well as your medical problems. Our detoxification program is unique we are the only program that our patients are seen by the doctor daily while a patient is in detoxing.