Bella Nirvana Center, A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Folsom, California. Historic Folsom is a beautiful crime-free town of Sacramento County. It is the only program where clients are monitored by physicians on a daily basis. Our approach is evidence-based, comprehensive, individualized and holistic. Call us today at 916-222-2181 or Email us at bnc@bellanirvanacenter.com.

Are you struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction? If you are committed to detox, then our commitment is to help you achieve your goal successfully with greater ease. At Bella Nirvana Center, A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, clients are monitored closely by the physician daily especially when they are also struggling with anxiety and depression. Concurrent treatment of co-existing mental health concerns is important to prevent a relapse. Our team of well-trained doctors and nursing staff will help foster your goals in a safe and trusted environment.


Highlights of our center

  • Observation under trained and experienced Physicians who are expert in assisting patients with Addiction Medicine, Family Medicine and Psychiatry
  • Customized program depending on the availability and comfort level of the patients
  • Patients under observation 24/7
  • We assist our patients with thoughtful counseling along with family interventions
  • We focus on Medical assisted treatments for better and permanent recovery from substance abuse
  • We aid the patients with dual diagnosis
  • Our expert staff includes: CADC Counselor, RADT Technicians, Detox nurses and health technicians available 24/7


100% Positive Reviews

Alison Parker

Alison Parker

I detoxed at Bella Nirvana, and thus, coming here was the best decision I could have made for myself.

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

I have been to numerous places for detox and treatment, but Bella Nirvana is the one that I benefited the most from.

Jhon Smith

Jhon Smith

BNC is doing a good job for people in the Folsom community.

About Us

We Teach Your Body To Treat Itself

Our goal is to treat patients using old traditional techniques of Acupuncture along with homeopathic drugs prepared from all natural ingredients.