Marijuana Detox Program

Cannabis (i.e. marijuana) is the most commonly used psychoactive substance worldwide. Though legalized in multiple states, marijuana does often have serious toxic effects on the brain and body. There are also strong associations with poor psychosocial health with its use.

The adverse effects on health caused by smoking marijuana can be divided into the following broad categories:

Brain Function


  • Impairments in memory, sense of time, sensory perception, attention span, problem solving, verbal fluency, reaction time, and psychomotor control
  • Impairs intellectual activities as well as activities that require bodily control, such as driving


  • Can cause lasting functional impairments impacting memory, attention, learning and information processing

Mental Health

  • Can lead to addiction
  • Can cause psychosis; and is strongly associated with panic, anxiety and depressive disorders
  • Increases risk of developing schizophrenia
  • Poor school performance in adolescence and young adults; and lower occupational status and higher unemployment in older adults

Physical Health

  • Respiratory issues
  • Cancers including lung, head and neck, testicular
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Hyperemesis syndrome
  • Periodontal disease
  • Lower sperm count in males
  • Reproductive effects including low birth weight, developmental delay, and behavioral problems including addiction

At the Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, we help bring this transformation both inside and outside you, by designing a program that is tailored to your own unique individual needs. The physical and mental dependency in addition to the accompanying nutritional needs are addressed by our board-certified physicians. Healing is also promoted by participating in yoga and wellness lessons are offered by our trained holistic healing fitness expert.

Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center is not just a place for rehabilitation but a solution to get liberated of your compulsions and guide you on the path of health and wellness. So, hand over your dark dependency to us so that we can walk with you on your journey of drug-free life.