Residential Treatment Center

Once the patient has been detoxed successfully, second phase of treatment starts, residential treatment. The complexity of drug addiction is hard to explain and understand. Even when a patient is trying to quit their addiction, the chronic struggle and relapse are common issues that one needs to fight constantly, while walking towards sobriety. Some people have the potential to fight this on their own. But most of the time, people need specialized care and attention to say goodbye forever to substance abuse. And thus, we at Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, advise patients to enroll for a treatment that can help them achieve long-term sobriety. During their stay at Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center medical problem, mental health, relapse prevention.

Residential Inpatient program at Bella Nirvana Center A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center is customized, as per the needs and medical conditions of the patient in a structured environment to motivate them towards sobriety. We have specialized trainers, doctors and consultants present for the patients for 24 hours a day. We are here to dedicate our full energy for the betterment of the patient in the prescribed duration of treatment.

At Bella Nirvana Center Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center we help you and teach you how to cope with anxiety by using the following tools:

  • Medication treatment: At some point, if the psychiatrist prescribes a medication we ensure that alleviate of their condition.
  • Individual Therapy: Anxiety issues are resolved by assigning a primary therapist to every patient at the center to talk about their anxiety issues. The therapist speaks with all patients on a daily basis to analyze their progress.
  • Group Therapy: Speaking with a group of peers with similar issues is very helpful for those suffering from anxiety.
  • Hygiene


Relapse Prevention

Anger management