Dual Dignosis Rehab

If you think that you are just going through a substance abuse and detox program will help you overcome the same; well you might want to think twice! Patients struggling with substance abuse often go through major medical and emotional disorders while realizing withdrawal symptoms. Such a situation is termed as dual diagnosis which makes it even difficult for the patient to recover.

Bella Nirvana center is an ideal dual diagnosis rehab center where we examine patients with every condition co-occurring disorders that needs the same attention and diagnosis as the substance abuse treatment. We understand that dual diagnosis can result your journey into more challenging path, but well, it’s not impossible!


We are specialized at dual diagnosis treatment where we address each factor that are ruining their life and crashing the patient into darkness. You might be thinking of enrolling to the center that provides just only substance abuse treatment, but in a longer run; it will not help you with an ideal life you are dreaming of! Bella Nirvana center, on the other hand, design the programs that helps the patient not only with their addiction but all focus on long-lasting recovery including relapse prevention.

We surveyed many patients in the country, and came across the fact that most patients suffer relapse situation in the longer run because they did not enroll for integrated treatment that helps in fighting with substance abuse as well as co-occurring disorders.

Mental health disorder and substance abuse goes hand in hand and exacerbate each other that it is vital two treat them simultaneously. The treatment however can be challenging, but Bella Nirvana center offers the most specialized care and attention that a patient requires.

So if you are facing the same challenge, or know someone I your family or friends who require a specialized dual diagnosis treatment, it is time to get better and treated by the specialized resources in the country.