Heroin Detox Program

If you are addicted to Heroin already, the truth is that you still admire that moment when you took the dosage of Heroin for the first time. Initially, it just looks like a candy land where you lay back and visualize every state of that moment. But facing the reality is as difficult as seeing your family struggling to even communicate with you.

If you are going through such a tough time, it is time for you to enroll for Heroin Detox Program.

“Don’t worry; you are as normal as everyone else! All you need is a little support and compassion to grow a life without Heroin in it! And that’s why we are here.”


At Bella Nirvana Center, Heroin Detox Program helps the addicts to change their perception towards life. Detoxification is a process which helps in removing all toxin substance of Heroin from your body. However, the procedure might seem painful and disturbing, but under 24 hours observation of Physicians and trainer nurses, the entire transformation helps the patients with calm recovery.

In addition to the same, if you are going through mental disorder or undertaking prescribed medicines, the heroin detox program is customized under circumstances that DO NOT affects your physical and neuro functionality. We serve most flexible programs that help you recover not only with your addiction, but help you fight the dark side of your lifestyle.

Because at the end what matters is what kind of lifestyle you wish for yourself! We understand that the entire process can look like an exhausting cycle, but with right amount of compassion and treatment, you will be thankful later for the regime that you are going to welcome with your open arms.

Think of the metal stress and never ending craving for the drugs that are slowly killing you inside. Is that what is best for you?  Is that what is best for your family and friends? Well the best for you is a long and drug-free life that will bring happiness to your very presence. And that is what our team of experts believes in:

Serve the patient what they are worthy of!

Help them realize how beautiful this life is!

So enroll for this program to transform your life into endless happiness and fresh memories with your family. Because being grateful to your life is the only answer! Because giving your life a second chance is what everyone deserves!