Inpatient Drug Rehab

If you are looking for an inpatient drug rehab, you have landed to the ideal page and center. Bella Nirvana center is an ideal place where you are treated with utmost attention and care by expert physicians, counselors and nurses.

However, there are many addicts who prefer to initiate the journey of sobriety on their own. But not only at-home treatment is dangerous but can result into worse condition than you are at present. The most common bouncing factor is the relapse condition which patients tend to jump on in the near future.

Bella Nirvana Center provides a monitored environment where we offer emotional support/counseling along with medical attention which is critical and customized for each patient. Overcoming their drug/alcohol abuse is the major focus and we aim to provide 24/7/365 day care for our patients. Well, they are our family too, and we offer the same comfort and emotional support that they expect from their family members.


What is Inpatient rehab program at Bella Nirvana Center?

 The inpatient rehab program is offered where patients need to reside in the center for a particular length of duration that helps in the entire process attaining sobriety. Well, we cannot quote how long the program will be as it solely depends on the condition of the patient and their health condition.

Bella Nirvana center conducts various family intervention programs as well where families and friends are invited to participate in the counseling and activities that motivates the patient to overcome their substance abuse. There is a huge power of inspiration in family members that helps I quick and better recovery for the patient.

We offer different styled meals along with various recreational activities where patients get to spend time with their families. Such a setting helps is soothing the tension and pain of the patient and help the families to come closer.

So we would like to invite you for the life changing experience that will not only help you with quick recovery and also create some emotional moments that will bring you and your family/friends closer like never before.