The use of Alcohol and Drug are increasing day-by-day, especially among youngsters. This is all because of trendy world and a serious fashion of drinking alcohol and doing drug, many people are dying and many are suffering from serious health problems. Unfortunately, youth, well educated students or professionals and even teens are also becoming the victim of this serious fashion.

Initially they start for fun and to avoid stress but doing this more often turns in addiction and they enter into the deep hole that’s the hard to come out. The addicted person not only spoil their life, they also spoil their whole family and the family have to suffer emotionally and financially.

As per the Yogic Perspective

Drinking Alcohol is the tamasic(darkness) way to get high. People drink because it helps to feel comfy, relax, stress-free, loosen up and wash out of their personal problems from mind for temporary purpose. This can lead to loss of self-consciousness which some people find pleasant but can feel dazing, completely depend how many drinks which one drunk.

Doing drugs are rajasic (Frenetic) way to get into high state of mind because this provoke the nervous system without restoring it which will provide deep relaxation and allows the tension draining your life-force to disappear slowly.

Yoga and meditation are the sattvic (goodness/purity) which energize your body and mind. It helps you to stay calm, steady and focused in your busy and schedule life. It makes your life physically and mentally fit.

How can Yoga and Meditation will help to you to live Alcohol or Drug free?

Addiction has mainly two components, whether it is alcohol or drug:

  1. Physiological: is the body’s need for the substances
  2. Mental Craving: is the mind’s craving for the substances

Yoga and Meditation are capable to relief these factors of addiction by reducing the stress and by increasing focus and concentration with great tranquillity.

Stress is one the main reason that people to take drugs or drink alcohol which will lead to addiction if one will do often. Yoga and Meditation are really very effective against alcohol or/and drug addiction as it brings back equanimity in the participant’s mind. When the person forcefully tries to make himself/herself calm their mind and body usually take drugs or alcohol or even both. Nervous system can get weak and it will turn into addiction.

Yoga and Meditation Program is known world-wide and made records to bring drug or/and alcohol-free life. As I have mentioned, these addictions can make the person internally very weak as their nervous system is weaken. By practising Yoga, body will regenerate body cells and nervous systems. There are many poses of yoga with different benefits like pranayama which will help to relieve stress and circulate fresh oxygen which is vital for every human organ.

Meditation is the higher form to awaken the self-consciousness level. As the participant start practicing day-by-day will improve intellect level and will live drug or/and alcohol-free life.

Yoga opens up the infinite possibilities that a patient might be unaware of right now, but once achieved can work miraculously in their recovery process.

Unlike any other traditional rehabilitation center, Bella Nirvana Center incorporate holistic approach that can help the patient to learn about their life in depth and work on a comprehensive process towards a sober life. The healing process is much deeper than one can realize. Yoga can help you achieve the intense issues passionately.

At Bella Nirvana Rehabilitation Center, A drug and alcohol rehab center Sacramento, we practice and believe that yoga helps patients to achieve their peace of mind by repeatedly doing it. Our goal is to help our patients to achieve their serenity in life that they a missing and lacking.

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